Samedi, November 29

Jacqueline has lost a pearl earring. It was Raymonde’s, Guy’s mother.

Caravaggio’s The Annunciation, is in gallery 8, of Nancy’s Musee des Beaux – Arts. Mary’s head is bowed, an angel, face hidden in the dark canvas, points tentatively towards her. The angel wrapped sensually in cloth from the best of shops is Baroque, silent Mary in profile is Gothic. Medieval faith had Mary impregnated by a beam of light. Her solitude fills the room.

Guy was good with a camera

Day 14 November 30 (Dimanche)

At breakfast the pearl earring is found in the sugar bowl.

Benoit and family are arriving soon. We are having Sunday lunch together.

I’m typing this in Guy’s office. Guy was a historian and Jacqueline has slowly been disposing of his books. Now most are gone, with the shelves that aren’t empty, occasioned with left over monographs, nick-knacks and sundry other things. I notice a photo on top of a pile. It’s quirky, the camera has made the young woman pictured an amputee. She has only one arm. Guy was good with a camera. The Cabourdin family album photos, are like editorial pictures from Paris Match. This photo doesn’t have his sense of style, but it intrigues? Joelle had made the photograph of a school friend. I notice an old photomaton picture of Jacqueline. I will ask Benoit to make a scan. What a beautiful portrait of Joelle’s mother!

Benoit, Catherine, Mathieu and Melanie arrive. Lunch is at L’Auberge de Courcelles.

December 1 (Lundi)

I type

December 2 (Mardi)

I type