Monday, April the 7th, 1975.

Monday, April the 7th was when I first arrived in London. I loved London. After travelling around England and Europe in a Kombi van for 5 months, I settled in Fulham in September and enrolled in a Media Studies course in North London at the Page Green annex of Middlesex Polytechnic; near the Seven Sisters tube station. I was looking for something to do and wanted to meet people. I was interested in film and video and they also taught photography. I soon stopped attending the Media classes, finally spending all my time in the darkroom and a workshop that became a sculpture studio. The school advised I would need a camera and I purchased my first camera from the Fox Talbot store in Tottenham Court Road; a Pentax single lens reflex, Spotmatic. I had the camera for about 10 months, then a friend fresh out of prison borrowed it. I didn’t see him again. The Spotmatic’s home a squat somewhere in Bristol Gardens. It’s replacement was another Pentax, the new K series purchased from a store in Staines but it would never had the feel of that first Spotmatic.